Thursday, September 3, 2015

Today's Local Paper--Shark Felt Threatened; Pistol-Wielding Prison Guard Felt Threatened; Republican Candidates Felt. . .

So the (or a) shark reappeared (or appeared) yesterday morning off Morro Strand and surfers paddled in. With no surfers in sight thousands of birds had the water to themselves and circled a several hundred yard area, flying fast as if they were going hundreds of miles north or south but wheeling around, often settling down on the water. The local expert says the shark probably felt threatened by the surfer's red board. Because it is feeling threatened it is hanging around, the expert explains. OK. And the former prison guard in a frenzy of road rage threatened another driver with a loaded gun but because he was also feeling threatened he gets only probation. OK. And because they all have to be more religious than the others the Republican candidates for President are tumbling over each other in their rush to be the most lawless. Rand Paul, who a few years ago didn't want any silly laws to keep a nice white couple from having to feed anyone black at their restaurant, embraced Kim Davis for behaving like a good bigoted American, and Marco Rubio jumped on top of Rand, and Huckabee and Jindall rushed for that group hug for Kim Davis, who has some experience, apparently, in group hugs. And Christie maundered on about balance and balance and balance. What a lawless crew, defending religious bigotry in the name of religious freedom.

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