Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Martha Izora Costner Parker and Hershel Parker / Doris Edwards Miles and Hayes Miles

First cousin with a son, first cousin with a son.

Martha Parker and Hershel Parker

Doris Miles and Hayes Miles

But this is Mississippi, so the sons are not merely Costner 2nd cousins. They are also Bells. Time to consult the consanguinity charts.

At Old College of the University of Georgia

Hershel Parker at Five and Ten in Athens, Georgia

Bonnie McMullan 26 February 2012

Hershel and Heddy at Schwartz-Rubins Wedding

Heddy in 2nd Line on Bourbon Street after the Schwartz-Rubins Wedding

Posting names DOES work. More than one cousin has responded to this simple note.

Names, in the hope of finding Internet Cousins
Thomas L. Brashier, Sarah Lindsay, William Parks, Rachel Slimp or Schlemp, Mary Daugherty, John Isaac Dougherty, Cynthia Dougherty, Samuel Henderson, Cynthia Martha Parks, Rachel Jane Hughes, Margaret Knox, Christiana Boyd, Jane C. Tindall, John Levi Costner, Susanna Rudisill

Something ever comes of all persistent inquiry; we are not so continually curious for nothing.
Posted by Hershel Parker at 8:49 PM

Talking about Melville at University of Georgia 23 February 2012

Double Cousins, Hershel Parker and Bonnie McMullan 26 February 2012

Bell cousins and Costner cousins

Bill Shields and Hershel Parker

Bell cousins

Bill Shields and Hershel Parker--Bell cousins (and maybe Shields cousins)

The Bells are readily identified by their thin lips.

Hershel Parker and Bonnie McMullan--Costner cousins and Bell cousins

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mississippi Stewarts who married Costner or Edwards

Now that we see how John Andrew Jackson Costner looked, it's time to look at Nancy Ann Stewart Costner and her brothers and sisters. Maybe the look that is so strong in at least a couple of Costner generations is a Stewart look and not a Costner look. Any Stewart kin out there?

Clear picture of John Andrew Jackson Costner at last

This is from a picture that Charles L. Costner sent Andrew Costner in 1993. Charles may have owned the original, which was oval, in one of those oldfashioned frames which were about 2 feet tall and 18 inches wide. Word is that the odd beard hid a goiter.

This is my great grandfather. His most famous great great grandson is Kevin Costner.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

John Andrew Jackson Costner, Gene Costner, Gene's son Andrew, and some of his grandsons, nephews, and grandnephews (children of different sisters of Gene Gostner)

At last, a clear photograph of John Andrew Jackson Costner!

Edgar Lugene (Gene) Costner

Gene Costner in old age, in Heavener, Oklahoma.

Andrew Costner, Uncle Andrew to the cousins who follow this picture

J. T. Costner, son of Ona and John Costner (who were first cousins)

R. G. (Pete) Costner, son of Ona and John Costner

Eskel, Elvin, and Ishmael Covington, sons of Cora Lee Costner.

Clay Costner, son of Elbert Costner.

Clay Costner.

Everett Parker, son of Martha Izora Costner

J. L. Balentine, son of Mary Thelma Costner.

J. L. Balentine again.

Hershel Parker, son of Martha Izora Costner.

Hershel Parker again.

Corbette (Joe) Edwards, son of Ida Costner, and therefore first cousin once removed to Gene's grandsons. Joe was a major league ball player.

Another of Joe.

This is Arthur Mathis, whose mother was Ada Costner.

Courtesy of Christi Senter, a picture of John Mathis as a young man.

John Mathis, whose grandmother was Ada Costner.

Four grandsons of Alice Costner Bell, Gene's sister (not to be confused with Alice Bell Costner, Gene's wife).
First, Durrell and Dewey Head, brothers.

Next, Roy Head, brother to Durrell and Dewey.

Next, Roy's twin Raymond Head.

Bill Shields and Hershel Parker

Bill Shields is a descendant of James Alexander Bell; I am a descendant of Isaac Franklin Bell, a younger brother of the Confederate soldier.

We need another Covington and a Skinner photograph to fill in--and any pictures of Gene's nephews and grandnephews who are not here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wallis Warfield Simpson--Beyond Ornery

Humiliation, thanks to Madonna, ongoing humiliation. The Warfield woman is back. Costner and Bell cousins, relax. It is on the Parker side that the kinship to Wallis comes. I am grateful that I am not like my cousin the wife of my chairman in the 1970s at USC, related to her two times. Some cousins are beyond Ornery.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Parker, Sendak, Brodhead 1991

Another of hawk on demi-lune balcony

Hawk on trumpet--hard to see

Costner cousins--first cousins once removed, Corbette Edwards and Everett Parker



Mystery Writer and Businessman James Hime and Gyr-saker Falcon

In Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. A cross-breed of two of the three most popular species used for hunting in that country.

News from the SLO Tribune

With Krakenman

From the passenger window, Yellowstone

Part of the Crew from Santa Cruz

Clyde and June Costner

Knock on a door in Dallas and find a Costner.