Thursday, July 28, 2016

Morro Rock This Morning

Surfers go out in the fog when they cannot see the shore and no one on shore can see them.

Morro Bay--Public Warning about Donald Trump

"That’s why anyone who threatens our values, whether fascists or communists or jihadists or homegrown demagogues, will always fail in the end."

OBAMA put it all together last night.
I was for Hillary Clinton in 2008 because I thought Obama was not ready. I was right. He negotiated with the Republicans in the first months, and they played him and betrayed him. He has become one of our great presidents. Last night, he was, well, glorious.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Copied Phrases"--another way of not saying PLAGIARISM--"similarity" "use of common words" &c

Writer Meredith McIver Apologizes for Copied Phrases in Melania Trump's Speech

Wall Street Journal - ‎6 hours ago‎
“This was my mistake and I feel terrible for the chaos I have caused Melania and the Trumps, as well as to Mrs. Obama,” Ms. McIver said in the statement. She said she offered to resign Tuesday, but that Mr. Trump told her “people make innocent mistakes ...
How many ways have Republicans avoided saying any form of the word plagiarism? 

Thronged Beach 20 July 2016

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Barron Trump (10 Years Old) Should Never Have Been Made to Write the Speech

No--Melania's words were not "strikingly similar"--they were plagiarized.

Melania Trump's prime-time speech was strikingly similar to Michelle Obama's
Politico - 55 mins ago

But no one should let Paul Manafort get away with blaming Hillary--he is the one who assigned 10-year-old Barron Trump to write his mother's big speech.

Paul Manafort castigates 10 year old Barron Trump for Plagiarism in his Mother's Speech

So the family was willing to take part in the campaign.  Still, it must have been Paul Manafort himself or his most trusted underlings who assigned ten year old Barron to write the speech for his mother. Like any ten year old, he went to Google and Googled-
First Lady Speeches
Best First Lady Speeches
Candidates' wives' speeches
and so on.
So the best parts were stolen from Michelle Obama, of all people. Mrs. Obama, of course, has her drafts on a floppy disc as well as transferred to flash drives for posterity, since flash drives are forever. Morning Joe tried to cast the blame on Michelle by putting Mrs. Trump on the left and having her speak first then having Mrs Obama say the same words after her, on the right of the screen. Someone at MSNBC was making it look as if Malania was saying the words first and Michelle was echoing her. That is by the way.
The main thing is that Manafort is wrong to blame it all on a ten year old boy. A man who puts a ten year old boy in charge of the biggest speech of his mother's life and then tells reporters that Mrs Trump was responsible for all the words--well, all I can say is that he should have let the son in law write the speech.
Shame on you, Manafort!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Hoards of Tourists Still Here--58 degrees


The book had better come out fast if it is to have any effect.

Rebecca Leber --- Mike Pence’s loose grip on reality is almost as bad as Trump’s

Overall, Pence has given us a helluva record to comb through. Here are a few choice quotes:
“Global warming is a myth.” 
“Global warming is a myth,” Pence declared in a Kyoto-era op-ed on his website, dug up by BuzzFeed. “The global warming treaty is a disaster. There, I said it … The chant is ‘the sky is warming! the sky is warming!’. The only problem is that many Americans, including Vice President Al Gore, didn’t learn of their deceit the last time around and are buying this new bit hook, line and sinker.”
The best part is his conclusion: “I know Monica Lewinsky seems like the most important issue in America but, call me crazy, I think the quiet expansion of the liberal environmentalist agenda by Al Gore and Clinton White House that will cost thousands of jobs could be more important. Say no to the global warming treaty.”
“I’m all for clean coal technology.”
In 2009, he told MSNBC, “I’m all for clean air. I’m all for clean coal technology. I’m sure reducing CO2 emissions would be a positive thing.” But in the same interview, he insisted the science is “very mixed” on climate change and claimed that in “the mainstream media, there is a denial of the growing skepticism in the scientific community on global warming.”
In 2014, he was still adamant that we “haven’t seen a lot of warming lately. I remember back in the ’70s, we were talking about the emerging ice age. We’ll leave the scientific debate to the future.”
“Smoking doesn’t kill.”
Right around the time Pence declared global warming a myth, he insisted smoking wasn’t harmful, according to this quote ThinkProgress dug up from his 2000 campaign website:
“Time for a quick reality check. Despite the hysteria from the political class and the media, smoking doesn’t kill. In fact, 2 out of every three smokers does not die from a smoking related illness and 9 out of ten smokers do not contract lung cancer.”
“Um … I, do I believe in evolution?”
Asked flatly if he believes in evolution by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in 2009, Pence faltered: “Um … I, do I believe in evolution? Ah, I, I, ah … I embrace the, uh — the, uh — the view, ah, that God created the heavens and the earth, the seas and all that’s in them.”
With all his shades of science denial, Pence should get along with Trump just fine.

"Mike Pence, Cigarette Truther"--Pence Carries the Water for CAMELS

Josh Israel says:
Over his political career Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) has consistently carried the tobacco industry’s water, denying the dangers of cigarettes, opposing government regulation, and slashing smoking cessation efforts. In return, they rewarded him with more than $100,000 in campaign donations.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

NY Times Headline:Politics|'You Broke My Heart': Supporters of Bernie Sanders React to Endorsement

What do you expect? Once he surrendered to vainglory and self-adulation he moved his followers further and further into worship of him and his promises of sugar plums, jails made of tin, lemonade springs, and free college and free health care. Worse, starting in Philadelphia on 13 April he lied about Hillary Clinton and used his lies to inflame his fans. I am talking about the way he said she had called him unqualified to be President. She had not done so. What could anyone have expected from the worshipers but this heartbreak?

12 July 16--50s, cool South wind

Monday, July 11, 2016


"Morro Bay Life" urges folks to "Meet Morro Bay Pubic Safety Partners"

I wince at the writers for MORRO BAY LIFE who think that "I" at all times is more sophisticated than the plebeian "me," especially anywhere near a preposition. Oh, the treats grandpa used to provide for Cindy and I!
This week in a piece on "National Night Out":
Bring your favorite dish to share in the potluck and enjoy free hotdogs, get safety tips, see booths and exhibitions, connect with your local police department and meet Morro Bay pubic safety partners."

Now, there is a story here. We are losing "Chief Amy," a really wonderful police chief.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Morro Rock 10 July 2016

When ANCESTORS come looking for me--well, do I get to choose?


Only 5 Days Left
to Join the Cause!
Dear Hershel,
During 72 hours from July 15 to 17, help us index the world’s historical records, making them freely searchable on the Internet and helping families worldwide find their ancestors. You don’t need good typing and computer skills to join. It’s fun to see records of people from hundreds of years ago and know that maybe one of their ancestors is looking for them.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

My Claim to Fame: Cousin Colby Sparks married Chang and Eng!

    All I was doing was looking up Sparks and "Wilkes County"
     on and the first thing I saw was Cousin Colby!

    THE REV. COLBY SPARKS (ca.1801-ca.1869)

    Most of our readers have doubtless heard of the "Siamese Twins," Chang and Eng, born in Siam (Thailand) in 1811, but we wonder how many know that the Rev. Colby Sparks, who was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina, in or about 1801, figured importantly in their lives. Your editor was reminded of this by an article about these famous twins in the April 1999 issue of Old News. It was the Rev. Colby Sparks, a Baptist minister of Trap Hill in Wilkes County, who was of some prominence in his day and who encouraged, and then performed, the marriage of the twins to sisters named Adelaide and Sarah Yates. Their unions resulted in a total of twenty-one children.

    The Rev. Colby Sparks was the 12th and last child of John and Sarah (Shores) Sparks. Born in or about 1801, Colby was married to Sarah Pruitt in 1822, and they became the parents of nine children. He died in or about 1869. Colby was a great- great- grandson of 1.2 William Sparks, who died in 1709 in Queen Annes County, Maryland. (See the Quarterly of Dec 1955, Whole No. 12, pp. 97-104 for additional information on Colby and his branch of the Sparks family.)

    I  have to check but Sarah may be one of my Pruitts, too.

    GGGGGGGG Grandfather Sparks Sells Lot in New Castle DE in 1696

    All the time I was teaching in Delaware I did not know this. We went to New Castle many times.

    a certain Lott of ground in the Town of New Castle containing in bredth thirty foot and in lenth from sewer to street bounded to the Eastward by Front Street, to the Westward by Land Street, to the Northward by the land of the said John Bisk and to the southward by a house and gound lately belonging to the  said Josine Hamilton, deceased, which said lott was confirmed by patent from Francis Lovelace, Esqr. Governour under his Royall highness James Duke of York the Eighth of Aprile 1672 unto Isaac Tine with other lotts thereto adjoyning To Have and to hold the sd lott of ground and premisses with fencings and Improvements to the sd Benj. Sweet and his heirs and behoef of him, his heirs and assigns forever under the Yearly rent according to the Lord of the Soyle.And the said John Bisk, William Spark and Margaret his wife the premesses & every part thereof to the said Benj.Sweet and his heirs against them and their heirs and all other persons whatsoever shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents

    Search Results
    At this time, the commissioners changed the names of many of the streets. ... [from THE HISTORY OF NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE, Under William Penn and His ...This survey is the earliest extant map of New Castle, though far less detailed than the Latrobe survey commissioned just a few years later. At this time, the commissioners changed the names of many of the streets. They were to be changed again in the late 1800's
    East Third
    The Strand
    Susquehanna also
    West Third
    Hart or Mary

     They should have put col. 2 first

    Overhead at Beach

    Friday, July 8, 2016

    High 60s in Morro Bay--Odd family of 8 not depicted

    Caucasian, middle-class, spaced the 8 of them, 8 feet to the nearest other one. They were all sort of together but not one of them liked any of the others very much.

    TIMES HEADLINE: Trump Campaign Official Blames Hillary Clinton for Dallas Shooting. Oh!

    I thought it was Gingrich's wife or any politician's wife or ex-wife! Now I think it was a sadistic school bus driver out of Wister, Oklahoma, Mr. Peirce, who loved to lay on the horn of the bus and make our chickens batter themselves against the wall of the barn. I think we should all think of wives and ex-wives and teachers and preachers and door-to-door saleswomen.
    Maybe Fredson Bowers was to blame. He got away with so much in his time. Or Professor Richard Brodhead, who lied about me in the New York Times in 2002, saying I made up Melville's 1960 POEMS. Or Andrew Delbanco, who repeated Brodhead's lies.
    Or is there something just a little crazy about blaming Hillary Clinton?
    What has McCain said yet? That Obama is "directly responsible" for this Dallas Shooting too, and not Hillary? Is he slowing down after a few weeks after Orlando?
    I think we should all pick some people who have done bad things to us and blame them. Or if we are in a really nasty mood we should pick people who have never done anything bad to us, just so we can be clear that we are crazy.

    Tuesday, July 5, 2016

    Tourists Gone, Morro Rock Intact

    The tourists were very well behaved on the whole, although we saw 3 homicidal maniacs from (1) Modesto; (2) Visalia; and (3) Utah. There was almost no litter left on the beach. We welcome all the rest back, but not the 3 maniacs.
     Here a young man marches into the Pacific: