Wednesday, August 16, 2017

"Up, Old Horse," for itch-nitch work on the Norton MOBY-DICK-- then after 8 a.m., Whales far out, and Leaping Dolphins near in

Naturally, the one time my camera was borrowed for a call to Israel, a dolphin made a complete breach. Then farther on near the Rock I stood with a Frenchman and two Frenchwomen all of whom were saying la bas, la bas, and not punctuating it at all. Then right in front of us it happened. I had never seen anything like that in 19 years. The French tourists had just parked at the end of 41 and walked down for the first time. A dolphin right in front of us shot up, straight up, the tail maybe 5 feet above the water. Now, I could have shrugged and said it happens every day. Instead, we all shouted and hit each other's shoulders. Shouted LOUD. It was astonishing.

Monday, August 14, 2017

I knew he would become Presidential the moment he took office

This is why I have not watched the news since 8 pm last November 8th. I did not need to watch. I knew that the office of President is transformative. My goodness, I had seen it transform Richard Nixon. Now, I do see headlines. You can't be in total denial, but I am taking refuge in the certainty that the office transforms the man.