Tuesday, November 20, 2018

With Paul Seydor 19 November 2018-an appropriately blurry photo

With a heavy heart because of the news of the death of my Cousin Jennifer, we welcomed Paul and his family and friends on the annual stop-over before their going to Carmel for Thanksgiving. Paul is the longest-known of the friends we knew separately in the 1970s, and after Harry's death the most brilliant man I know.

The reality of the death of 55 year old Jennifer McCarthy. Yesterday morning at first I thought it was a dumb, cruel joke on Facebook.

This is a comment by someone who knew her in Oakland.

"This is just a devastating shock. If you knew Jennifer McCarthy at all, either through IBU, 510, Moto, or any other of her worlds, then you were touched, inspired, amazed. Half a year younger than me, so alive, and then gone so suddenly."

Her sister Joyce found a MOBY-DICK postcard in her house yesterday addressed to me. Well, Saturday I sent her a message saying not to go outside (in the smoke) unless she had to.

This morning the San Luis Obispo paper says the smoke that blew out into the ocean from Oakland and San Francisco has swept around back to shore and some of it is coming to Morro Bay.

Monday, November 19, 2018

The Shock of the Death of Jennifer McCarthy at 55. My Beautiful Lanky Cousin.

The 90th birthday of my brother Wilburn, 1928-1958. Remembering. Then the absolute shock of seeing on Facebook people talking about my beautiful lanky cousin Jennifer, in her mid fifties, daughter of my first cousin Patsy who died in May of 2017--Patsy, the only one who remembered who was who in late 1930s and early 1940s pictures. What a dumb cruel joke to talk about Jennifer's death yesterday, I thought. No. It was a brain aneurysm. Jennifer is dead at 55 and a half. We messaged pretty often and I got to say "Like" on Facebook and got to say, "My beautiful lanky cousin" very often on Facebook. So I did the best memorial run I could, for brother and cousin, half distance because I am still not strong. But alive at almost 83. I assumed Jennifer would live as long as her mother, who was a couple of years older than me. "My beautiful lanky cousin."