Saturday, April 21, 2018

This Won't Happen Again--so here is a list of my 2017 publications

After this, a dwindling away to silence

“North Carolina Patriot Women Who Talked Back to the Tories,” Journal of the American Revolution (11 January 2017), 11 pages. On 22 October 2017, JAR said this article will be reprinted in Journal of the American Revolution, Annual Volume 2018.

“A ‘Heavenly Harvest’ of Vulnerable Women in North Carolina: Tory Troops as Sexual Predators,” Journal of the American Revolution (27 February 2017), 11 pages.

“The ‘Battle at McIntire’s Farm’: Joseph Graham as Historian of the Revolution,” Journal of the American Revolution (11 May 2017), 13 pages.

“Avenging Francis Bradley, the Mecklenburg Marksman: A Family Story,” Journal of the American Revolution (26 June 2017), 13 pages.

The final volume in the 15-volume Northwestern-Newberry Edition of The Writings of Herman Melville, BILLY BUDD, SAILOR and Other Uncompleted Writings. The volume is a team effort, edited by Hayford, Tanselle, Sandberg, and MacDougall. I am General Editor of the volume and author of the “Historical Note,” the story of Melville's working life after 1860, pp. 297-365. My first copy came 27 October 2017.

Moby-Dick, the third edition of the Norton Critical Edition of Moby-Dick, greatly revised from the 1967 and 2001 editions, containing several pieces (some new) by me. My first copy came 15 November 2017.

There is a back cover for the Gallimard Quarto MOBY-DICK!

Scoff-law with plover hunting dogs

Oklahoma Tracker determines that many invading feet have passed, most going the wrong way