Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I told you my $100 got Jim Webb elected as VA Senator. Look what my next $100 did!

A brand-new poll released moments ago by Reuters and the UVA Center for Politics took a serious look at likely voters in Texas. Here’s what they found:  
“Representative Beto O'Rourke of Texas had a 2-percentage-point LEAD over Cruz among likely voters in the state”
This is the first major poll of the campaign that has shown our grassroots campaign AHEAD of Cruz. And it’s an incredible sign of what can happen if we continue to work every hour of every day, continue to talk to every voter in every county, and continue to do everything we can to get Beto’s back.

Revisiting Singer, Louisiana after 64 years, but not for long

after seeing a recent obit listing New Hope Cemetery in Singer. Where was the cemetery, I ask. Also, Gene's death weeks ago came after I had posted a photo of him there at least once...…………………………….. Here is how property values are now:

What about cost of living in Singer , LA? The median income in Singer, LA is $65,181 and the median home value is $0, which should give you a pretty good idea of its affordability.

And Billy Shirley is dead, too, several years ago. Bobbie Jean? And there is no depot any more.

Here is some real estate:

A Vicksburg Story--1885 Distant Cousin Lillie Cook Cowhides her Cousin Reese Cook

These are not close kin. I got onto their stories because one of the Freedmen's Bureau sub-commissioners, J. H. Matthews, lied about some of my closer cousins, the McGehees, and tried to capture and probably kill one of them, all because he got the name wrong from some wild rumor. This man the year before, 1865, as a Captain in a Colored Infantry, had gone out in a marauding party and killed a member of Lillie and Reese's family and then in a short time another raiding party went out and shot the previous victim's sister in law. This time the military officials had to pay attention, and hanged 9 of the murder-party (this became a famous episode) but no one every reproached Matthews. He got away with it and had some shining hours in D.C. lying to Senator Boutwell, who loved it all--confirmation of all his hatred of the South and his determination to punish it.

Anyhow, the deaths left some awkwardness in the family. In 1885 "a handsome young lady of Warren county," Miss Lillie Cook, "cowhided her cousin, Dr. Reese Cook, also of that county . . . because the doctor failed to keep his promise to wed her. They are cousins and the young lady had prepared her trousseau for the momentous occasion, when the doctor 'went back' on her."

What this article in the Natchez Democrat does not say is that Lillie's brother was said to be in the room holding a revolver on his cousin Reese while Lillie cowhided him.

Now, I had better say that the kinship is through the McGehees, but far far back. No Costners or Bells need be uneasy.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Whole house agrees, best cornbread so far

I put a cup of Greek yoghurt in, instead of milk. Just a little cream of tartar along with usual soda and baking powder. 3 eggs. 2 pans, not skillets. These slices are defrosted from last night.

Lower part of Rock at 845

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Beach assailant still not identified so I am posting this again--Please, anyone in SLO County, read this.

A couple of days ago I took copies around town. One may have been put up at a gas station and the Morro Bay Library may have put one up. There is a shortage of community bulletin boards. The one that used to be outside the Dollar Store is gone.