Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Will today's 2 miles be a one-day thing?

In April 1978 I started running slowly, moving from jumping rope to doing 1000 strides, then 2000 and then went to the Beach (Santa Monica) and the Palisades and quickly found that the Palisades were ideal. Park at 7th on San Vicente and you got 3/5 miles it you went to the Pier. Before the end of the month, there we were, me and Bruce Dern (a truly unpopulated Palisades in 1978), going. And after that I ran in Chicago, and in Japan and England and Austria and Italy and probably other places, and had 3 and a half mile routes in Delaware and than a 3 and a half mile route in Pennsylvania and was a regular, except for time out for surgeries (rotator cuff, ribs, &c.). So here in Morro Bay at first 2 and a half then for a long time 2 miles until the eye surgery in 2014 when I started walking. But I “finished” my last official book late last Tuesday 10 July 2018 and realized that I am now, at more than 82 and a half, retired. And for no reason other than being retired I began running between Duck Creek and the Boardwalk, a quarter of a mile, and today 2 miles. I tend to be obsessive, and habitual. We will see.

830 or so Wednesday Morning

Stopped running in 2014 after eye surgery. Retired last Tuesday, week ago, and started running a quarter of a mile a day during the walk, then yesterday half a mile. Today "Ran" 2 miles. Saw only Jan, and asked her not to laugh at me. She did not laugh. Tomorrow and the next day and week? 83 years old this Fall. Better do it now.