Monday, November 20, 2017

Being tolerant of people who are not McGregors

Years ago now I saw that my McGehee folks had a great story about our ancestor arriving in VA in the 1600s with a made up name Macayhaee or something like that, meaning child of the mist--made up because he was from the great Gregor clan and the name McGregor had been outlawed. Yeah, sure. Then came DNA, and the McGregors include Greer and other names that people took because they could not call themselves McGregors. Right there they include Grandpa. So the McGehees are high and mighty MaGregors. This week I found the Pottenger-Bowie-Magruder connection and saw that James Bowie is a cousin. Talk about cache in Texas! I can show my donation to Planned Parenthood and not get shot. The Magruders, it turns out, have been fixated a long time on their being McGregors. They deserve to be McGregors by generations of bravery, they do. But that damn DNA messes up tradition and wishful thinking. My great Magruder cousins are not McGregors. Well, at least they are cousin to someone who IS a McGregor. And a Renfrewshire Glenn, two different ways. And so much for my own high and mighty skepticism about family myths claiming kinship to the Gregor claim!

Whales were far out when I was down, and I tried but could not catch a "blow"

How we get supplies to the top floor now

Whale hunting while Heddy Whale watches

Running from level to level trying to photograph 2 or more whales

Never got a picture of a "blow" but Heddy went to the LR balcony with binoculars and saw them, going south. They were
amazingly close in, in the breakers, the darker water near shore.

Good to be a Pottenger and Bowie and Magruder but no one was his own grandpa

Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Pottenger cousin, James Bowie

OK OK so I am proud of being a cousin of Jane Austen though I don't fool around with anything much that is not on this continent. But I am a Pottenger, as Rosalynn Carter is, and we are both proud of it. So I got to looking at the Magruder and Pottenger connections and today I realized I had better pay attention to the Bowie part of it. Well, there are a couple of Bowie and Pottenger connections and it looks as if I can claim James Bowie (rhymes with Gooey) as a cousin. So I have a Pottenger cousin who died at the Alamo and a Bell cousin who wrote a book about the Mier Captivity. And a BA from Lamar State College of Technology in Beaumont, Texas. And I just retired from Melville work on the 15th, when the NCE3 of MOBY-DICK arrived.
Cousin Jim Bowie. That is right up there with Cousin Paul Tibbetts. Both Maryland connections.

Early Saturday Morning--You never know what is under the sand

Do not dig here.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Horror on the beach--Gull eats crab alive while it is struggling for the first 3 bites

Tide so low that Rock is high

The work goes on

Orpha Lee, Everett, Wilburn -- 1933 or 1934

Some pictures of Andrew Costner (and his store in Duncan, OK)

The horseback picture is 1927.
Andrew was in the Navy until early 1945 then went to the store in Duncan right away.

HP 1953-Later many New Critical professors tried to do it for real

3 Costner in-laws--Hartsel Balentine, Inetta Trout, Lloyd Parker

Hershel Parker and Alison Marie Parker 8 August 1981

Alice Bell and Gene Costner --March 1944 in Duncan, Oklahoma

Some of the children of Alice Bell and Gene Costner

Henry Binder and Brian Higgins

Maurice Sendak in comfort 1991--Wilmington DE

With a friend.

Help! Is this a photo of John Rogers & family in the 1930s in the backyard in Wister, OK?

In Hayford's office --with Brian Higgins

Depot Agent and Telegrapher at KCS Depot Singer Louisiana

60 Years Ago--A Career Forsaken

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

"This is not a Watermelon" and the Idiocy of the SLO County Authorities


There are problems in SLO county. San Luis Obispo is no longer the happiest town in America. The board of supervisors majority is staunchly pro big business and anti environmental. Enough of rant. So here is a joyous bit of art on public land, as reported by Nick Wilson and photographed, in a bigger shot than this, by Joe Johnston. Now, when there are real problems everywhere you look, the big question in the county is do we sandblast the paint off the rock or blow it up and who will find the criminal who painted it. I refrain from ranting any more.

High Tide