Thursday, September 17, 2015

Aftermath of Savage Dog Attack in "No Dogs" State Beach Yesterday in Morro Bay

I seem to have mis-loaded the dishwasher, putting a good new knife in when on principle I wash it by hand (even when saving water as we are doing).  Very upsetting at almost 80 to have the crazy dog owner screaming, "It's your fault! He smelled your fear!"  Well, yes, as he dashed toward me snarling and lunging right by me. So he did not touch me, any of the times he lunged at me. What if he had simply knocked me down! Not that hard to do, when standing up to get into jeans is risky. That kind of attack has not happened for a couple of years or more. But the push for income from tourists means that the city officials are leaning over to make the place attractive to people from the Central Valley and Arizona (going by license plates). It would be so simple to be upfront and say: We cater to everyone. Dogs on leash from Rock to where 41 comes in. No dogs on State Beach. No restrictions at all from North Point 4 or 5 miles to Cayucos Pier.

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