Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dangers at Sea off Moss Landing, dangers on beach at Morro Bay

Great little video of whale breaching beside kayakers

Today everything gorgeous except for the visual pollution of one sailboat. What can you do?

No Dogs Area, the State Park area. Woman with 2 big black dogs in the No-Dogs area, coming toward me. She whams bigger one on the head. No leash. Comes on.  Bigger one charges me, his head disproportionately large, like twice what it should be, to fit his body. Leaps at me, snarling. I yell for help, since there are people just behind me. Woman yells: YOUR FAULT, YOUR FAULT, YOU LET HIM SMELL YOUR FEAR. Turns out she has no leash for either dog, just relies on whalloping them. Big dog leaps at me 4 or maybe 5 times. Not 6, I think. Does not make contact, quite. Abusive woman--cursing, YOUR FAULT, YOU LET HIM SMELL YOUR FEAR. Other people got her to move near the rope, a few hundred feet east. Did not want to be bitten, and did not want to be knocked down. Not good to be knocked down at almost 80. 

And think about it this way. One of Cruz's staffers comes up to Ted after the Huckabee staffer blocked him from the limelight with Kim Davis: "Ted, you let him smell your fear."

Bill says to Hillary about Sanders: "You let him smell your fear."

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