Monday, September 14, 2015

It seems that no one is doing anything to protect CAMBRIA in San Luis Obispo County

CAMBRIA is waiting to explode. No water to fight the fire unless they carry buckets from the ocean. Dead trees everywhere, houses packed in among the dead trees, no czar coming in with bulldozers removing dead trees without asking permission and without making house owners pay before dead tree removal, everyone going tsk tsk. The whole of Cambria could go except for a few new multi-million dollar houses on treeless lots along the Pacific. When we went up a couple of weeks ago we were terrified. Cambria may disappear. See the headlines today:

Thousands flee ‘mass destruction’ as Valley, Butte, Rough fires widen

More than 535 homes destroyed in Lake, Calaveras and Amador counties
Middletown assaulted by Valley fire but has survived
Evacuations put people in churches, schools and a foothill casino

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