Monday, September 14, 2015

State, County City officials are not Forcing Action: CAMBRIA may EXPLODE higher than Middletown

The worst wildfire in a devastating season in California has destroyed more than 400 homes and businesses and forced 10,000 people to flee — some with only minutes to escape the raging flames.

And the residents of Cambria have been hit by 90 degree heat or higher and still leave their dead trees on the ground or standing and put their faith in Inertia and History and The Way Things Were before the drought. But hey, even then there was a slight shortage of water, wasn't there? Just a slight shortage?

If you love Cambria, do something, now. The editor of the Tribune says they have run articles. It's true. And the county paper can't run "alarmist" headlines like CAMBRIA THE INFERNO. So everyone fiddles until Cambria burns?

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