Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Helping women whose horses were going in circles

They had these poor horses going around them in circles on a 25 foot rope so I held the bridles until each of the young women got on her saddle.

Lois Gore says in the South if you are not Kin you are Connected


On 14 March 1879 Cousin Will Johnston’s brother in law Cyrus Hunter tells the story of how his wife’s granduncle Jonathan Price’s older brother Isaac Price in 1780 avenged the foul murder by Tories of his wife’s brother, Capt. Francis Bradley.

Monday, February 27, 2017

"A 'Heavenly Harvest' of Vulnerable Women" posted in JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION

The title is "A 'Heavenly Harvest' of Vulnerable Women in North Carolina: Tory Troops as Sexual Predators." All you have to do to see it is to Google "Journal of the American Revolution." Today it will be near the top of the screen.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ongoing pollution at Morro Bay beach--a civic improvement

Now Tourists can't come this way from San Francisco--just as well. Now tourists going to Hearst Castle can't go on to SF without coming back at least as far as 46 and on to 101. The Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge is usable no more--and a replacement will take a year or so. So this is a splendid time to empty all the septic tanks in the county.

How you can tell a Dougherty or Daugherty or Doherty is NOT one of OURS


   JOHN DAUGHTERY, born in Northampton County, N. C., aged 20 years, five feet nine and a half inches high, ruddy complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, and by occupation a silversmith, latterly accustomed to the sea. He is remarkable for his extreme silence and downcast appearance, addicted to intoxication, and when drunk is both sullen and stupid - deserted from Rowan County, N. C., 20th Nov. 1814

from Deserters part of roster War of 1812 NC


None of our Dougherty men, for sure!

Friday, February 24, 2017

180 more Septic Tanks to be Pumped? Timed to start the week after the BIRD FESTIVAL

For ORNERY PEOPLE?? Aunt Kate, who killed a Yankee with a stick of firewood

Late in life Catherine [Stutts Richardson--1777-1876] lived with her grandson, Thomas Benton Killen. While in her 90s she asked to be taken to Florence [Alabama] to buy new boots and was told she would have to wait a few days until the work was finished in the fields. She saddled a horse and rode by herself for the new boots, proving she retained her strong constitution until her death.
[Cousin Joshua Rumble}


Monday, February 20, 2017

Beach Beautification in Morro Bay Just After the Bird Festival

The approaching conclusion of a long project, THE WRITINGS OF HERMAN MELVILLE

Alma MacDougall has bundled up all the final volume of the Northwestern-Newberry THE WRITINGS OF HERMAN MELVILLE and shipped it off to Northwestern University Press with the click of a computer key. She has been superhuman in the last year or more in her work on this volume, as have G. Thomas Tanselle and Robert A. Sandberg. They were genuinely heroic. Robert Madison and I offered heartfelt encouragement. I wrote the Historical Note, which benefited much from Sandberg's work in transcribing and dating Melville's poetry. Harrison Hayford's long-ago work on transcribing the poetry was taken account of by Sandberg, who has HH's notebooks. Robert Ryan's work was taken account of by Sandberg and Tanselle. As Hayford said in another context, "A MOUNTAIN OF WORK." I remember when it started, in 1965.

See THE CAMPUS RAPE FRENZY reviews on Amazon then read NYTimes quotation

There is no question about it--phony statistics believed by good people and extreme political correctness has been destroying the lives of young men who have been denied due process. See my review on Amazon, and now several other very careful reviews of the book by Johnson and Taylor. This new development is scariest of all: If this Times article is right, thousands of bureaucrats are in danger of losing their jobs--jobs based upon an extreme interpretation of Title IX. Rather than have thousands of bureaucrats lose their jobs, shall we continue to wreck the lives of many young college males? A small price to pay in order to keep zealots in their jobs?

Here is a quotation from "Universities Face Pressure to Hold the Line on Title IX" in the New York TIMES on 18 February 2017, by Anemona Hartocollis: "Advocates are starting a campaign to try to persuade colleges to maintain the Obama administration’s tough policies for protecting women on campuses from sexual assault, even if the Trump administration relaxes enforcement. Many people expect the Trump administration to tilt the balance of federal guidance to make it harder to discipline the thousands of students, almost all of them men, who are accused of sexual violence against women each year. Women’s groups are leading the push, along with an organization that represents the campus administrators responsible for enforcing federal sexual assault policy — a group whose numbers have grown into the thousands in just a few years." Think about that! Thousands of employees have a vested interest in punishing young male college students. That's their job. My goodness gracious, if we try to protect young men we may put thousands of rabid bureaucrats out of work! Far, far better to ruin the lives of a few hundred or a few thousand young men each year! What a world!

17 March 1857 Back to the Future 17 March 2017?

Friday, February 17, 2017

Wind Gusts to 38? No, no, 40 something, I think

No playmates on the beach, and I went north to the campgrounds before turning into the fierce wind and battling to Duck Creek before turning back. At home I had to spray my legs from the hip down before going in the garage, the sand had blown so high and hard from the east. Maybe the fiercest storm since we got here in 1998.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

A Descendant of Group 1 DNA Cousin Charles B. Knox goes to Iowa

After joining us for coffee at the breakfast table, [B&B owners] John and Sharlene told us that the stone foundation of CB's original log house, about 14x20 ft, could be seen out their back window!  John walked us over to the adjacent lot, also owned by CB at the time, so we could see the rock foundation and hand-dug cellar, now under a little house which, much later, had been built over it.  After we took some pictures, he said "Would you like to see the original log house that had been there?"  At first I didn't understand what he was saying, and I replied "What do you mean?!"  He said that years ago the Knox house was moved off the foundation, stripped of some modern siding, restored, and put on display in the town's park!  So Grandma and I walked 3-4 blocks down the lakeside road to the park, and there, with the town's blue swimming pool, playground, and RV area, was my great-grandfather's log house!  A tattered red sign on it said "First House Lake Park 1869. C.B. Knox".  I walked up and put my hand on the logs, realizing that few people get the chance to touch something made by their forebearers 140 years ago. No one in my family had told me, or even knew, that this cabin and its foundation still existed in Lake Park [Iowa].

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Lurcher

Monday, February 13, 2017

You know denial is working when you don't get any of the political cartoons

I avert my eyes from the cartoons, and I never catch what they mean. This comes of not reading any news after 8 pm on November 8, 2016. Ignorance is bliss.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Self-Identified Robot passes off to Real Person Successfully

My letter is last.

Many thanks for your email! I am just a robot, here to let you know that we got your email (Ticket 2127244)! Real humans will read and respond to your message shortly.

Due to the high volume of incoming messages, we ask that you refrain from sending multiple tickets. If you have an update, please reply to this message directly. Your email will be answered in the order in which it was received. They are doing everything they can to respond quickly.

In the meantime, they asked me to give you a handy tip. If you are inquiring about the status of your order, try this:

If you chose standard US domestic shipping, you can track your order number here: www.myordertracked.com.
Simply use the tracking number provided with your order: you can find it either in your account, or in the email sent to you when we shipped your order.

I've already let them know that your message is here. You'll be hearing from them soon!

-Your Friendly Customer Care Team's Pet Robot Responder

Anny (Better World Books)
Feb 11, 6:48 AM EST
Many thanks for the information you have provided regarding the extra item received. We were able to locate the order you received and have reached out to the customer whose order you received by mistake so we can replace their order. There is no need to send the item back to us. If you have no use for it, please consider recycling it. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this has caused and want to thank you once again for all your help!
Please let us know if you need any additional assistance.

Feb 10, 12:59 PM EST
Last week I received 2 books from you on the same day. I did not look at one of them immediately but it looks to me as if you made a shipping label for me twice, once for a book by D[     ] D[], and another that got put on a package meant for [xxxxxxxxxxxxx], who had ordered THE REVOLT AGAINST THE MASSES
UR-225-891 9781594036989
I figure it would cost more than the book is worth to return it, but you will need to be sure that poor Mr M[   ] gets a copy. I will keep this on the off chance that you do need me to send it to him because you don’t have another copy.
Hershel Parker
Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Outliving Grandpa Costner

In the back of my mind I have been thinking that I am about as old as Grandpa Costner lived to be. I finally checked and see that he died at 79 and a half, and I am 81 and a little. Grandma Costner, Alice Bell Costner, was in her mid 80s. Time to check that to be exact. Mother was 92 and I know she wanted me to outlive her. Genetically I am Costner and Bell (and Stewart and Henderson), as far as appearances go, so we can forget how young the Parkers were when they died. I remember Grandpa Costner very well. He was not running 2 miles a day around Heavener at 79, so maybe I have a good chance of hitting 93. I will complete ORNERY PEOPLE much faster than I feared--I'm betting a year and a half, now that I have had a breakthrough on organization and have time almost free to work on it (one big job to fall on me any time now, proofreading MOBY-DICK comma by capital). So, the Rock and me, every day, and many many ornery people. Who would have thought there were so many ornery Americans?

To prove we are still here

How to get a fashionable purple and blue