Sunday, September 6, 2015

Milbank, Pitts, Fulwider, Dawkins--Sane Voices, Dawkins's Eloquent on Kim Davis's Lust for Power

Supporters of Kim Davis have no knowledge at all about how their Southern ancestors were denied legal marriage by the established British church. They are repeating the determination to control others that drove their ancestors to rebel. People don't like having their freedom curtailed. The Presbyterians and Baptists and Quakers and Lutherans (even before there were Methodists) in the colonies did not like having the Anglicans control marriage. Kim Davis does not want religious freedom. She wants to control religion even when it means violating the law, and the Republican presidential candidates who support her are as lawless as she is. At last sane voices are being raised. I have looked at a lot of my family history where people were persecuted for their religion, and I am terrified to see that zeal to control awakening again.

Richard Dawkins: Kentucky clerk should give up her job or her religion

Scientist called ‘global face of atheism’ asks why Christians believe their religious freedom has been violated when they can’t ‘curtail somebody else’s freedom’

Scientist and author Richard Dawkins says Kim Davis should give up her religion or her job. Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who has denied marriage licenses to same-sex couples, should either give up her religion or her job, Richard Dawkins said as he weighed in on the controversy on Saturday.
“Finally read up on this Kim Davis whom so many Americans are talking about. Why isn’t she simply fired and replaced? Why bother to jail her?” the English ethologist and evolutionary biologist, sometimes called the “global face of atheism”, asked on Twitter.
“2nd puzzle. Why Christians feel their ‘freedom of religion’ is violated when they’re denied their wish to curtail somebody else’s freedom?”

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