Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kim Davis and what she would have done to Grandpa Prewitt if she only could have

On July 25, 1648, Whereas Thomas Privett and his wife were presented to his court for committing fornication and thereof found guilty. Court ordered that they shall do a penance in the Parish Church on the New Pawqueson [Virginia] and during the time of divine service the next Sabbath Day. The church wardens ordered to see this done. Pruitt and his wife to appear at the next Court to abide further censure.

You deny Quakers the right to marry according to their church, then you call them fornicators, then you fine them and shame them. Go Kim Davis! The power to control marriage is one tyrants have always enjoyed. 

I take this very personally. If she had any sense of history, Kim Davis would probably find that she has ancestors who were victims of religious tyranny. Then would she stop trying to continue as religious tyrant?

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