Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Few Fanatic Descendants of Presbyterians Persecuted in 1700s Now Want to Impose Their Will on Everyone

Huckabee is an intelligent man who is pandering to fanaticism now. At last Isaac Bailey in the Myrtle Beach Sun Times and a few others are pointing out that Kim Davis does not represent all US Christianity. She is a minority of a minority, a remnant of once-persecuted people, I suspect (without knowing her ancestry) who once achieving power wants to impose her power on everyone.

Before the Revolution, the British establishment (the Anglican Church) got to play power games like Kim Davis, and worse. They could forbid anyone to marry outside the Anglican Church then fine or jail Quakers who married in their own ceremonies. Quakers were taxed for fornication in Virginia because they did not marry in the Anglican Church. In North Carolina the only valid marriages were those conducted by the Anglican Church with proper fees going to the Anglican Church.

No wonder that Presbyterians and other sects hated the established church for persecuting them.

No wonder that a handful of descendants of persecuted people (persecuted in Scotland and the Borders, cruelly persecuted in Ireland, persecuted even in the colonies) rebelled, only to be beaten down again in the Civil War, even if they had not been rich enough to own slaves, and beaten down again in the Great Depression. Listen to Kim Davis's ignorant husband (I lose count--is he the fourth and the father of the children conceived while another man was husband and before marriage to yet another?). Listen to him speak as if he knows more than the whole rest of the United States. These are ignorant isolated bigots. Ask them if the sun revolves around the earth. I dare you. Ask them if the universe was created seven thousand years ago. I ask you. I guarantee you that they KNOW.

So to treat Kim Davis as Christian Martyr is downright sick, and an insult to Christianity.  These are the people who want the freedom to discriminate and the power to enforce that discrimination.

Listen to Rand Paul just a few years ago wishing the Civil Rights Law had never been passed. What is wrong with this nice Christian couple really not wanting to serve a black customer in their restaurant?

Now he sympathizes with Kim Davis and makes her into a martyr for Christianity.

She is a fanatic ignorant power-mad bigot, not a Christian. Cartoons are beginning to make this clear--Quakers refusing to issue gun licenses, slender clerks refusing to sell junk food to fatties like Kim. Cartoons, humor, will push the Mainstream Media into acknowledging that Kim Davis does not speak for all Christianity.

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