Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Will Scribner's Withdraw a Discredited Book?--William D. Cohan's THE PRICE OF SILENCE

My comment on the newest 5-star Amazon review

Berliner jumped in with ignorant praise just at the wrong time. Judge Orlando Hudson yesterday demonstrated a pattern of prosecutorial misconduct in the disbarred and briefly imprisoned former DA Michael Nifong. Read Hudson's ruling for the repeated instances of Nifong's making "False and Misleading" statements in this two-decades-old miscarriage of justice. Nifong was nifonging [railroading] the innocent long before he falsely accused the Duke lacrosse players in 2006. William D. Cohan made Michael Nifong the Christ-like Sufferer, "spit-roasted" for doing his duty. Will Scribners withdraw this book now?

This is from KC Johnson's Durham-in-Wonderland blog:
Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Judges Overturns Howard Verdict, Citing Nifong's "False and Misleading" Statements
[Update, 5.46pm: Joe Neff and Anne Blythe have an article on the ruling in the N&O. Will the Durham Police Department now re-examine all cases in which rogue prosecutor Mike Nifong was involved?]

[Update, 9.34am, Wed.: As of this time, there is no mention on the Herald-Sun website of the Hudson ruling. And, of course, Nifong apologist William D. Cohan has made no comment or tweet regarding the further disgrace of his book's central hero.]

Radley Balko reports that Durham judge Orlando Hudson has overturned the conviction of Darryl Howard, citing police and prosecutorial misconduct. (The prosecutor in the case was then-ADA Mike Nifong.) Howard will now receive a new trial. Given the paucity of actual evidence against Howard, hopefully the state will drop the case.

The news bulletins have not yet made it to the praisers of this despicable book, but Wikipedia has a site on the book itself (separate from the one on the author). This site gives links to some of the vacuous praise but also to several of the indictments of the book. I simply don't see how Cohan can continue his exaltation of Nifong during his media blitz after Judge Hudson has demonstrated that making "False and Misleading" statements in court (and, in 2006, making public rabble-rousing statements) has been how Nifong works for at least 2 decades.

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