Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kinship to signers of Tryon Resolves

Several of them are real easy--Uncle Jacob Costner, Uncle Jonathan Price, Cousin Christian Carpenter, Cousin Samuel Carpenter [recently Zimmerman!], Cousin George Dellinger, and so on. But I am thinking I might not be blood kin to the mightly Col. Frederick Hambright himself.

Frederick Hambright, whose daughter Charlotte married Henry Carpenter, son of one of the Jacob Carpenters; whose daughter Elizabeth married Joseph Jenkins and whose daughter Ann married Jacob Carpenter and whose son David Jenkins [not the signer] married Nancy Carpenter; Elizabeth and Joseph Jenkins's daughter Susan married Jacob Mauney [check relation to Valentine] and their daughter Annah married Jacob Carpenter; Col Hambright's granddaughter Elizabeth married David Linebarger whose mother was my Aunt Betsy Costner (from a Costner-Dellinger marriage); his granddaughter Margaret Jenkins married William Froneberger, whose step-father, my Uncle Thomas Costner, willed Froneberger lands back to the Froneberger sons; and their daughter Margaret married my cousin Andrew Dellinger. Frederick Hambright Jr was the father of Lotsie who married Henry Carpenter. Others of Col. Hambright’s grandchildren and great grandchildren married still other cousins of mine, Dellingers and Rhynes and Seitzes. I have all the Henrys and Jacobs perfectly clear in my mind.

All I wanted to do was to make a quick check to see how many brave guys, stick-their-neck-out guys, I am kin do, being a cautious inoffensive cringing fellow myself. But I will persist. There are more connections to Hambright through the Hoffmans and Rhynes, surely.

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