Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Does GGGGGGGGG Grandfather Thomas Warren of Spotsylvania County Virginia belong in ORNERY PEOPLE?

"In June 1736, Thomas Warren faced a grand jury for absenting himself from church. He sent a letter of excuse, claiming that he was a Quaker, but, since it appeared that he was not a Quaker, he was fined five shillings or 50 pounds of tobacco."
Unverified report.

From Jerry Wilson at jwilson302@comcast.net:
Using DNA matches, we have come to the conclusion that Joseph Payne is the illegitimate son of Thomas Warren and Susannah Payne of Spotsylvania County, Virginia. We have found a court record wherein Thomas Warren and Susannah Payne were cited into Court in 1724 to answer to the charge of Adultery. 1724 is well within the time frame that we place for Joseph's birth. Joseph also named children, Thomas, Barnett and Susannah, and his son John named a son Warren Payne, who lived in Robertson County, TN, and Barnett is a name found in several different lines of Joseph's descendants. . . . Joseph was raised knowing who his father and Warren 1/2 siblings were. Several of his Warren 1/2 siblings moved to Bedford and Franklin County, VA when Joseph moved. Some descendants of these 1/2 siblings also migrated to Robertson County, Tennessee when the children of Joseph and Phoebe moved there.
Now, this business with Susannah Payne does not qualify Thomas Warren for inclusion in my ORNERY PEOPLE, but absenting himself from church, well, that's another matter.

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