Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grampa Knox and Moses Moore's Oats

from Rita Wehunt-Black's GASTON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA: A BRIEF HISTORY--Just came across it looking up the names of signers of the Tryon Resolves.

This is from Will Graves's transcription of Knox's application. James "Johnson" should be James "Johnston"--Knox's officer, but also his brother-in-law, and probably a cousin on the Knox side too.
There's a big brass tablet on James Johnston at King's Mountain.

If your officer sent you back to the baggage wagon for flints, you missed the hour-long battle at King's Mountain.
This is my GGGG Grandfather Knox who applied for his pension at the age of 90, and got it.
He is also my GGGG Grandfather, again. The Scots believed in keeping their blood lines pure (or as my cousin Farris Hightower says, they believed in branches that did not fork).

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