Monday, May 19, 2014

More on Dorothy Rabinowitz's WSJ Review of Cohan's "DISHONEST" Book

I just asked to add a postscript to my Amazon review of William D. Cohan's THE PRICE OF SILENCE. 

P.S. Remarkably, on 18 May 2014 a member of the editorial board of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, Dorothy Rabinowitz, repudiated the puff piece by David M. Shribman which it had published on 11 April. Rabinowitz's headline is "A DISHONEST REWRITE OF THE DUKE LACROSSE CASE." The following line takes on William D. Cohan's reckless behavior on his Media Tour: "ON AN AUTHOR'S PUBLICITY TOUR, HE'S EVEN MORE EXPLICIT IN TRYING TO TAINT THE STUDENTS WHO WERE FALSELY ACCUSED." KC Johnson and Stuart Taylor, Jr., have been tracking Cohan's behavior on his tour and patiently correcting false statements. Now for the first time someone from the mainstream media has mustered the evidence that Cohan has been compounding the dishonesty of his book with possibly slanderous dishonesty in his interviews. I am sure no one at the WALL STREET JOURNAL took lightly the way Shribman tarnished their recently improved reputation as a better reviewing organ than the withered-away NEW YORK TIMES. The WALL STREET JOURNAL just does NOT do what it did on 18 May--let one of its own try to set the record straight in such a relentless scrutiny of a dishonest book dishonestly promoted. Rabinowitz's review surely will slow if not stop the mainstream media stampede to exalt a book which should never have been published!

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