Friday, May 23, 2014

Col. 2, signers of TRYON RESOLVES (1775): Who comes after my uncle Jacob Costner? NOT Hulclip, I bet. Later: Heslip? Heslep?

The name is usually given as Robert Hulclip but I can't find hide nor hair of such a man. Another transcription is Haselip. I'm missing something obvious, I'll bet. Is the first letter of the name really H? There have to be proud descendants out there somewhere, but no one has challenged the usual transcription, as far as I know.
I am patiently trying to see who was related to one or more of the other signers.

Later: I have a Robert Heslip involved in sales with a Hoyle in 1776--my Hoyle bunch. So--Good chance it is Robert Heslip whose family spelled the name Haislip Haslip Haislip Haselip.

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