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What My Inn-Keeper Dellinger Uncles Were Allowed to Charge just before the Revolution

What My Inn-Keeper Dellinger Uncles Were Allowed to Charge just before the Revolution

William L. Sherrill on Tryon County (North Carolina) in 1774:
            It seems that the building of the court house, prison and stocks was postponed indefinitely, as it was ordered that the county courts be held at the home of Christian Mauney at the "Cross Roads" on his land and space in his house was secured for a jail and the courts were held here until 1783 when the county seat was moved to Lincolnton. The old County Court of pleas and quarters sessions obtained in all the Counties of the Province. It was presided over by three Justices of the Peace and was continued as the County Court in North Carolina after the Revolution until the adoption of the Constitution of 1868. . . . .

It appears from the Records that licenses were granted by this Court to William Wray, James Patterson, John Dellinger and Henry Dellinger to keep hotels or inns, then known by the name of Ordinary, and the prices to be charged for entertainment at such public houses were fixed by law as follows:

Lodging in good feather bed and clean sheets, per night 4 pence
Breakfast and supper, each 3 pence
Every dinner with not less than two dishes of meat 1 shilling
Pasturage for horse or mare for 24 hours 4 pence
(Stabling per night, hay and fodder for horse, or mare 1 shilling)
Madeira or Port Wine, per quart 3 shillings
Claret Wine, per quart 4 shillings
Punch and loaf sugar and West India rum, per quart, 1 shilling, 6 pence
Toddy and loaf sugar 1 shilling, 4 pence
Toddy with New England rum 8 pence
Brandy and whiskey toddy, per quart-----8 pence
Beer, per quart----- 4 pence
Cider, per quart , 6 pence
West India rum per ½ pint -----10 pence
New England rum, per ½ pint----- 6 pence
Brandy or whiskey, per ½ pint -----6 pence

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