Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Global Warming comes to the Middle Kingdom

In Morro Bay the temperature varies from an extreme of 49 at night to an extreme of 64 in the day, all year round, and of course we have no heater and no air condition and don't need either of them. Global warming has hit us hard. For two days in a row we have been
80 and we may have been over 90 yesterday.
So last night someone blew up the air mattresses and we slept on the landing battlement. There is a low wall that blocks the ambient light of other houses. I was directly under the Big Dipper and when I woke at 2 the Dipper had shifted and poured a drop of something on my new left eye. The cat went on high alert every time an owl hooted. Aside from that, there was nothing wrong with sleeping cool under the stars. Now if we can get the politicians to repair the desalinization plant we will be ready for the late 2010s.

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