Monday, May 26, 2014

ROBERT HULCLIP as a signer of the Tryon Resolves? Heslip kin, how do you change a name on a state's memorial brass tablet?

I could be wrong. My investigation is not complete. I am not sure who the first person in the 19th century transcribed a signer of the 1775 Tryon Resolves as "Robert Hulclip." But everyone followed the first historian except, I have found, one descendant who did not worry about the history of the mistake.

I am almost through going down the list. I can find all sorts of legal documents linking almost all of the signers. These men were neighbors and often they were related by blood in the 1775 generation or by the recent marriages of their children or nephews and nieces, so that their grandchildren were cousins even if they themselves were not blood kin in 1775.

Finally I found this 2000 post:
Posted by: Billie Heslep Barton Date: May 27, 2000 at 19:40:59
In Reply to: Re: Haislip - North Carolina by Elizabeth Haislip of 377

Andrew Heslep, Brother Robert Heslep, Heslip. Signed the Tryon Declaration of Right and Independence from British Tyranny as Robert Haislip. Tryon County, North Carolina. Trying to make a connection between families with variations of the name Heslep. Is Haislip of German origin? Please visit the Heslep Family website at Would appreciate any information. Thanks. Billie Heslep Barton

The email address does not work, 14 years later.

Later--More evidence: from this site: Moses MOORE / Hester WINSTON
The site lists Jacob Castner (with the OK spelling of Costner) and next to him
Robert Haselip
That's who it is.

I find Heslips variously spelled in among records of the other signers of the Tryon Resolves, buying or selling land, going about life like the others. I have not identified a particular Robert yet, but I would bet $15 that the name Hulclip is just a misreading that got perpetuated.

How do you change a name that is wrong in all the history books, if it really is wrong?

More imperfect clues:
Jacob Horse Tryon-Lincoln Deeds Vol II (450-451) 27 Mar 1776 Robert Heslip to Tryon Co to Christopher Hoyle planter 370 acres on West side of South fork Cataba adj Jacob Horses corner. Waddles line. Plamers line signed Robert (x) Heslip and Mary (x) Heslip wit: David Ramsey & 2 german signatures Jan Term 1779

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