Friday, October 2, 2015

Will there be History Books in 2115 to Record "Pope Francis Visits USA to See Kim Davis"?

I may sound a tad strident on this subject, but I have been upset about Kim Davis for weeks, knowing just how the British used the Anglican Church to control marriage in the American colonies. Tyrants love to control marriage, and Kim Davis was acting like a tyrant. The pope made a grave mistake in arranging in advance a covert meeting with a hate-filled lawbreaker, made a grave mistake in talking about his support for "conscientious objectors," and now, the secret meeting revealed, he is in full damage control. Oh, he met with two gay men! Oh, he met in private with them and not Kim! Oh, he may not have met Kim at all, or maybe brushed by her on a stair, and certainly did not have her in mind when he talked about conscientious objectors! And Kim is putting the first of the rosaries up on eBay.

No doubt about it. When any history of the pope's visit to the USA is written the headline will be something like: POPE VISITS USA TO SUPPORT KIM DAVIS, ANTI-GAY GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE.

The devious, sneaky, insulting, backhanded affair has, well, backfired. I will stop talking about Francis's lobbing a stink bomb at us back out of his plane. His own undercover meeting with Kim Davis has backfired. DAMAGE CONTROL!

And now Kim's lawyers are challenging what the pope's PR guys are putting out.

Don't mess with the USA, guys.

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