Thursday, October 15, 2015

Been musing about the Heat Wobblies the other day

Who did I think I was, going along the peak of the dunes? Of course, it meant constantly sliding down to the lowest levels of the dunes and climbing back up the slippery sand. And I was wearing my usual knit hat. How can you get a size 8 knit cap? And a thin one? And I was carrying trash I picked up. Hey, I chased down a rabbit in an open field one time, and caught it, and never thought once about tularemia. That was in the 1940s. At 80 do you have to think about overexertion? I sure did not like not knowing how to put a foot down and what might happen if I didn't. But it went away after 3 hours or so. It wasn't as if I were trying to start running in the dunes again, I was just going about my business during the new Global Warming on a day when there was no beach because of the waves . . . .

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