Sunday, October 4, 2015

Being Tired by Noon

Being tired by noon. But why I am tired? I fed the cat, went down 3 flights twice looking for the paper and climbed back up and finally called the Tribune number. The scrap of paper with the phone number has more pin holes in it than any other piece of paper on the bulletin board. I carried garbage down, put away clean dishes, warmed leftover refrigerated coffee and made fresh. Halved 8 apples and baked them 70 minutes face down at 425 along with a tray of 4 sweet potatoes stabbed on the top side with tin foil under them then in 70 minutes left the potatoes in while I flipped the apple halves, decorated them with powdered cinnamon and honey in hot water, crystallized ginger, and the expensive dark sharp kind of dried apricots and put them back in for 25 minutes at 435, along with the potatoes. Worked a while on David Fanning in South Carolina and wrote a few emails, one to a friend turning 80 this week. Posted a couple of Blog items about Jeb!Boy, the "stuff-happens" galoot. Drove to beach in 2007 Honda Civic Si with 22,000 miles on it and walked two miles with Pacific at high tide and came back and bathed in 2.5 World fashion (hot water for wetting down with and rinsing with) and then (a tiring job) dried myself and redressed, but not putting on socks this time. Then washing and preparing strawberries, figs, an orange, stewed prunes, black grapes, and defrosted and toasted sourdough buns doped up with a couple of cups of what was left in the jars of mixed nuts when the nuts were eaten. From hour to hour poured on plants 4 gallons of saved water from different faucets. Then breakfast, at 11, and cleanup, including scrubbing of the big Pyrex pan that the apples were in. Being tired by noon. But what did I forget, being so old?

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