Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Parsing Kim Davis's Claims and the Vatican's Denials

Los Angeles TIMES: Did Kim Davis add 'liar' to her resume with pope meeting claims? 

But are the Pope's spokesmen  systematically phrasing their statements to obscure the possibility that the pope did have a "private" meeting with the hate-monger. Undoubtedly the Pope's spokesmen are trying to make his comments on "conscientious objector" seem to come out of the Heavens rather than to be spoken in relation to Kim Davis. Plainly, the Pope was violating American hospitality and trashing the American separation of church and state when he talked about Kim Davis's right to disobey the law and keep her public office. These comments of the Pope were in my mind unforgivable.

Damage control from the Papacy, not so much damage control from Rowan County right now.

Does anyone remember anything else about the Pope's visit to the USA than his secret meeting with Kim Davis? The history books will all say only that the Pope came to see and support Kim Davis, the heroic opponent of same-sex marriage. 2000 years of secrecy has not prepared the papacy for 2015.

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