Thursday, October 15, 2015

I should have saved my letter to Dear Abby on Sending Children into West Virginia Smoke

It's the poison, first, the poison of smoke that Abby wants to send  the children of "Hater of Smoking" into. But Good Lord, Abby, you are talking about West Virginia!

Speaking as a Southerner, let me point out that when you send children into a smoking home in West VA you not only poison their bodies you poison their minds.

In the house of smokers in West Virginia you will not find only an ashtray or two in a well ventilated room or the back porch. Chances are (these are smokers) you find obesity, liquor (lots of booze sitting out), OxyContin, meth, maybe, guns (available in unlocked drawers and on easily-reached gun racks [where is the red cedar one I made in shop?]) hatred of gays, hatred of Hillary, hatred of that Jew Sanders, hatred of blacks [I'm betting the writer is white], disgust at grasping American Indians, fear of immigrants from Mexico and jealousy of them, love of the great public employee Kim Davis, murderous feelings toward Caitlin, all that as well as incredibly befouled air which has been damaging the cute little cousins from the time they were conceived.

The worst night of my life was in Charleston--not Charleston SC but Charleston W VA, were the cloth motel headboard was saturated with tobacco . . . . That headboard symbolizes West Virginia still. If there are smoking houses in West Virginia which don't fit any of my stereotyping, let me know.

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