Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday in the Dunes during Global Warming

The plan was to get to the beach before breakfast again, but the chance came for a haircut on the back patio by the lime tree, the lemon tree, and the fig tree, so I got to the parking lot late. An athletic man in his 40s staggered up, sopping, shoes and all. No beach, water washing up half way to the dunes, waves hitting him when he tried to pretend there was a beach. OK, choice--the path to the trees and on to the end of the trees or else continue my cleaning of the dunes now that they are reopened for a week and a half, but today go east to the peak of the dunes to see what has been thrown over into the valley. Last year, a green tent, a full backpack with dental supplies and books, assorted panties and sweat pants, many condom packages from a brand called “Premium,” dozens of beer bottles, a few juice bottles and water bottles, Barton’s Vodka bottles, assorted plastic snack packages. This year, the year Global Warming came to the Middle Kingdom, very little trash, all the way from Azure to the boardwalk into the Cloisters, half a mile down. Half a mile but 35 minutes in the heat, going up and down, sliding, jumping, dodging mock heather, yellow yarrow, sand verbena, coyote grass, casting about for safest routes, watching for rattlesnakes. Then back, not on the old inner trail on the west, 100 feet or so into the dunes—the old trail changed astonishingly by the winds over the summer—but only 50 feet or so into the dunes, flatter, easier. An 805 beer bottle, already, but nearing Azure trouble picking up a water bottle. Where does the right foot go? Where does either foot go? Nausea, a little like a dozen years ago when I was running on the old trail in the same dunes during the San Simeon earthquake and knew what it was because I had not been drinking alcohol. Strange, though, being part time in the air during an earthquake and knowing what it was. Now, mainly, unsteadiness, uncertainty about how stable the next step would be. Into the car all right and home. Dizzy taking off shoes and socks at the driveway for momentary waste of water hosing feet off. Some fear in shower. Leaned back against wall and absolutely did not to the usual dance of wetting, water off, soaping, water on for a moment. Afraid of falling if I took chances. Used water. Sat down to dry myself, sat to put some clothes on. Ate usual fruit, peach, prunes, strawberries, figs, orange, black grapes, and toast. Nap after a while, on floor, and after the nap serious trouble standing. A little more rest, grapes and nuts, and then all was normal. Sun stroke? The symptoms on Google are extreme. Warning? 80 next month. Is there an age limit for climbing in the dunes in Global Warming? That’s absurd. Maybe breakfast before climbing in the dunes now that Global Warming has come to the Middle Kingdom. Still got some work done on David Fanning before he became a psychotic murderer. And got a great haircut.

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