Friday, February 3, 2017

What Killed Uncle Henry Dellinger's 2nd Wife

The Fatal Addiction of Uncle Henry Dellinger's Second Wife.

The tavern-owner and jailer of Lincoln County, Uncle Henry Dellinger, first married a Rudisill cousin of mine, then a widow, Sallie Smothers.

Lincoln Courier 15 April 1892:
Henry Dellinger was a native of the State of Penn. He made trips back nearly every fall, taking with him a drove of cattle and bringing back liquors for his cellar and goods for his store. After the death of his first wife, who was a Miss Rudasill, he wooed Mrs. Smothers, a widow then living in the State of Penn. According to a tradition in the family, she was a great lover of coffee. Her objection to wedding and accompanying Mr. Dellinger, was the fear that in the far off South in the wilds of Western North Carolina, she would not be supplied with her favorite drink. This the ardent lover quickly overcame by promising her all she wanted--a promise he faithfully kept. His neighbors frequently discussed his expensive bargain, and she came to an untimely grave from the excessive use of coffee.

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