Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Outliving Grandpa Costner

In the back of my mind I have been thinking that I am about as old as Grandpa Costner lived to be. I finally checked and see that he died at 79 and a half, and I am 81 and a little. Grandma Costner, Alice Bell Costner, was in her mid 80s. Time to check that to be exact. Mother was 92 and I know she wanted me to outlive her. Genetically I am Costner and Bell (and Stewart and Henderson), as far as appearances go, so we can forget how young the Parkers were when they died. I remember Grandpa Costner very well. He was not running 2 miles a day around Heavener at 79, so maybe I have a good chance of hitting 93. I will complete ORNERY PEOPLE much faster than I feared--I'm betting a year and a half, now that I have had a breakthrough on organization and have time almost free to work on it (one big job to fall on me any time now, proofreading MOBY-DICK comma by capital). So, the Rock and me, every day, and many many ornery people. Who would have thought there were so many ornery Americans?

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