Monday, February 20, 2017

The approaching conclusion of a long project, THE WRITINGS OF HERMAN MELVILLE

Alma MacDougall has bundled up all the final volume of the Northwestern-Newberry THE WRITINGS OF HERMAN MELVILLE and shipped it off to Northwestern University Press with the click of a computer key. She has been superhuman in the last year or more in her work on this volume, as have G. Thomas Tanselle and Robert A. Sandberg. They were genuinely heroic. Robert Madison and I offered heartfelt encouragement. I wrote the Historical Note, which benefited much from Sandberg's work in transcribing and dating Melville's poetry. Harrison Hayford's long-ago work on transcribing the poetry was taken account of by Sandberg, who has HH's notebooks. Robert Ryan's work was taken account of by Sandberg and Tanselle. As Hayford said in another context, "A MOUNTAIN OF WORK." I remember when it started, in 1965.

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