Monday, February 6, 2017

Oh, hurrah, I am not the only one who hates Quick Access

I have been saving documents to a folder only to find that the documents never made it to the folder.
It is not too strong a criticism to say that Windows 10 is perverse.

Other sufferers:

This can be a deal-breaker for many. One should be able to rename the folders to one's liking (The folder name could be long and tedious for example, and being able to rename or shorten it should continue to be allowed as was the case with Favorites in previous versions)

      My work computer just got upgraded tin Win 10 this week. I had my favorites set up and organized perfectly for production work, where I drop PDFs in many different locations. All these shortcuts had reverted to their original names; e.g., I had 6 pinned folders named "1-UP" which was totally stupid. So yesterday I went and renamed them all through properties, NOT REALIZING I WAS ACTUALLY CHANGING THE FOLDER NAMES ON THE COMPANY SERVER. Today all hell broke loose and it was all my fault. Thank goodness nothing was deleted but my innocent mistake disrupted the workflow of quite a few of my co-workers and even the owner of the company was contacted when the problem first arose. I HATE HATE HATE Quick Access. The upgrade also broke my Outlook (with InLoox plug-in) and font management software.

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          That sounds frustrating. I had a similar problem as we have several folders that are named by my username that I need to access, and they all became my username on Quick Access. I had custom names before the update to Windows 10 ("Scans", "FAI Reports", etc.).
          The part about renaming files seems to be your IT department's fault and not yours. I hope you didn't get too much flak for it. Important folders should not be allowed to be renamed by people outside of IT.


            This actually caused me to delete important files. Under Win 8.1 i could rename folders on the network so I knew which computer they came from. I assumed they retained their names in Quick Access. Not true. All the shortcuts were renamed to their folder names on host computers. Bad form. And now I can't get Quick Access to work at all. Folders I attempt to pin just result in an error message. This was one of the most useful features in Win 7 and Win 8.1 and now it appears to be toast. The biggest annoyance I've encountered so far in Win 10.

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