Friday, February 3, 2017

Pottenger Land on the Potomac 1734

We never claimed to own present-day Silver Springs, Maryland.

Grandfather John Pottenger made his will on 2 August 1734 at Prince George County, MarylanD.
Item. I give to my grandson John Purnell, the son of my daughter, Rachel, one-hundred Acres of Land lieing in the north of Watts Branch that falleth into the Potomack river, called Newberry, to him and his Heirs forever.
Item. I give to my grandson, Robert Purnell, the brother of John Purnell, one Hundred Acres of Land called the Remainder of the five Hundred Acres which I bought of Nathaniel Wickham, Jun'r, to him and his heirs forever.
Item. I give to my Daughter Verlinda Wade 200 acres of land called As good as wee could gett, binding on the Muddy branch that falleth into Potomack River, to her and the Heirs of her body forever.

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