Friday, February 3, 2017

Cousin David Dellinger Did Not Know the True Source of his Moral Strength

FROM YALE TO JAIL: THE LIFE STORY OF A MORAL DISSENTER. Dust jacket intact, but (unmentioned by seller) water stained throughout. Readable, but I wanted a good copy after finding we are Dellinger cousins. Think what prestige I would have had in LA when the Chicago Seven were in the news! So like all other Yankees David thought the Revolution began and ended in Boston. His mother's mother "was a leader in the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

Dellinger went on: "My father's ancestors were also pre-Revolutionary Americans, but they lived in the mountains of North Carolina instead of in a suburb of Boston. Boston was the Fountainhead of the American Revolution and the Center of Modern Enlightenment. The leading Boston paper called it the 'Athens of America' and the 'Hub of the Universe.'"

He did not know. Like my folks, his father did not know about his Revolutionary ancestors. I will bet he did not know about the Association which my Uncle John Dellinger and Uncle or Cousin George Dellinger signed in August 1775 in Tryon County. These men put their lives and fortunes on the line a year before the Declaration of Independence.

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