Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I personally know six men and two women who died this way

The Cambria PA 6 May 1871 FREEMAN:
A TERRIBLE DEATH.--A heart-rending accident occurred near Bertrand, Mich., on the 3d, by which the wife of Mr. John Pope was literally roasted alive. Mrs. Pope was subject to fits, and, being a habitual pipe-smoker, it is believed by her neighbors that, during the absence of her husband, she was taken with a fit, and, perhaps, smoking at the time, her clothes caught fire from the ashes, and that partially recovering her consciousness she wandered into the yard, where she set fire to a pile of straw and then put it out. She then evidently leaned against the building, and again extinguished the flames with a wet cloth. During her ravings she cut her garters and took off her shoes and stockings, and then washed her hands and arms until the skin came off, as the loose skin and pieces of flesh were found in the wash-pan. Finally, when her clothes were completely burned from her body, she lay down on her bed and there met her terrible death, alone and unattended.

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