Friday, August 14, 2015

Talking about Age. First up, Bernie Sanders.

Wiki says that he will be 74 early in September. That would mean he would be 75 at the 2016 election, if he lives that long. Now, some people are remarkably active into their 80s and even beyond. Goodness, in the 1840s at 78 one of my Revolutionary uncles rode his horse from west-central NC to Indiana and Illinois and back, having wanted to see his daughters while he still could. 


Some people are remarkably agile mentally well into their 70s and even 80s and maybe even beyond that. I know something about how the mind and body change because if I live to give Thanks in November I will be 80. I'm not being an ageist about young Bernie, just a realistic old guy who no longer gets up to work in the middle of the night and who needs a nap in the afternoon. I got very worried when Sanders showed that his hand coordination had slackened. How hard is it to hold on to a microphone? He's a fine man, but he would be 75 when he took office. Now, Elizabeth Warren . . . .

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