Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cambria, Just South of Hearst Castle: An Inferno, any day now?

We looked at houses there in 1998 but were frightened by the small lots and thick woods and water shortage and distance from grocery stores, hardware stores, hospitals, and doctors. Today we drove back up because someone needed a last trip in the 15 year old irreplaceable SAAB. It was 90 in Harmony, 90 in Cambria. It was a bleak land of dead and dying trees that bore no relation to the rich geriatric hippy nipped-and-tucked TLS-reading theatrical forested hide-away we thought we might buy in. We got out as fast as we safely could, today. Best I understand, there are so many rules by so many agencies that no one can cut down dead trees and haul them off, and no czar is coming in to cut through the red tape and haul off the dead trees for free. We may have a disaster in which more old people die than died in Katrina and Rita. If you think Brownie Brown is haunted by how he handled Katrina and is still justifying himself, look at the city and county officials and the state planners who are doing a heck of a job now, for they will survive the inferno and be around for the tenth anniversary retrospectives. We were terrified today. It was like watching a room of old men in a nursing home, all on oxygen and all about to light up cigars. The whole town can go. And it was a unique treasure.

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