Sunday, August 9, 2015

Attacked by Home-fed Rosemary-Stuffed Bee in Mailbox

Woolly Spider in toilet one night, then yesterday at noon I opened the mailbox just after the carrier put the mail in and before I could take out the package of new plastic lids to seal up open cat food I was attacked. Really horrific--pain and surprise. Then on the cement I saw a gloating bee. ICE ICE ICE Benadryl, later Tylenol, later hydrocortisone cream. ICE.
Once on White Clay Creek in Delaware or Pennsylvania (surely not Maryland) I heard something fanning and looked up to see coming at me from a treetop a three-inch long yellow wasp. I dodged so that she hit my forehead rather than my eye, but it clearly was deliberate, an ambush, and left a welt I can still show you.  The last snake I saw up close was the one the cat was spitting out, in four-inch slices, a few years ago, but I am watching where I step. You never know what is going to get you on the beach. At least there are no mosquitoes in California.

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