Saturday, August 22, 2015

1600s Virginia--the Brick Wall Cracks with 67 Markers--A Few More VA or NC Parkers--Take the Test, Please

DNA report. I have had a brick wall at 1818 Alabama on the Parkers but as of this week I have undoubted 67 Marker NC Cousins who know a good deal about their ancestors--no direct ancestor yet, and maybe not a common ancestor in VA in the early 1600s but in England before that, but definitely more Revolutionary cousins to look at and clues to follow. When the ones you know about are so impoverished and, in truth, beaten down, you don't expect to find that the pre-Alabama history might have been recorded and pretty prosperous. (Obviously the best chances had been that the unknown Parker had moved down from SC or NC.) What I was not thinking about is just how annihilating 1864 and 1865 were to Fulton Township, Itawamba County, Mississippi, with Grant and Sherman marching over and hovering and slaughtering all animals they could see and seizing or destroying all the crops and burning all the barns. The father of the family disappeared from record, the mother disappeared, and the son born in 1858 told of keeping the family fed (in 1864? 1865? 1866?) by running his deadfalls barefoot in the snow in winter. When he named the son who died in 1959 did he know that cousins had used the same unusual combination of names back in NC? Well, work to do, with some helpful limits now.

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