Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Did you hear the story about two women who got the microphone?

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    I can't stop thinking about the way three young black men trashed Ralph Ellison in Lake Forest half a century ago. They had not read INVISIBLE MAN, it was clear, and had no right to condemn him for not being active enough, but they destroyed him. He was not expecting such an onslaught, had no idea that he would have to defend himself against blacks. Had anyone in America in his time shown more powerfully that black lives matter? Now two women take away a microphone . . . .
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    So they took their chance and made a decent man look like a bumbling fool. He did not even get to say Oops. They got to feel good about demonstrating their power while losing the good will of about 85% of people who really do think that all lives matter. And they made Donald Trump look like a real candidate, like, heaven help us, a man.

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