Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stalked by Wallis Warfield

A few months I was on a genealogy site when I saw a post with an unmistakable last name. I had spent 11 years at USC not knowing that the chairman's wife was a cousin of mine. She quite unnecessarily laid on me the news that we were kin to a seriously obnoxious woman, Wallis Warfield Simpson. Now I check Roglo and learn that my poor father was kin to this woman not one way but 70 different ways. What need two?

P.S. Back to Roglo just to check. Hmmmmm. Is it mathematically possible that my father could have been related to this woman's poor abused last husband 330,326 ways, starting in the 1000s?

I am just hanging on to my totally believable cousinship with Jane Austen and ignoring Wallis's kinship with her. She would not have approved of Wallis.

In ORNERY PEOPLE I have plenty of ugly colonists to deal with such as Uncle Sam Pottenger who killed a young slave shortly before the Revolution and got off because the boy was his own property. Wallis is looking better, after all.

This after brooding too much on Scott Brown's racist attacks on Elizabeth Warren. |Better to think about one of the best American speeches in my lifetime, Jim Webb's introduction of the President at Virginia Beach. Senator Webb! There's a man. Back to Roglo.

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