Sunday, September 30, 2012

Romney is NOT inarticulate: it's just that his ideas are appalling

Paul Ryan admits Romney pre-debate 'missteps'
WASHINGTON — Paul Ryan acknowledged "missteps" Sunday in the Republican presidential campaign, as the party struggled to stay on message regarding expectations for Mitt Romney's upcoming debate performance.
The Republican vice presidential candidate downplayed expectations of Romney's debate performance, though fellow conservatives insisted the White House challenger would deliver a stellar presentation.
With Romney slipping in the polls ahead of the November 6 vote, the debates with Obama -- scheduled for October 3, 16 and 22 -- are seen as the last chance to swing the electorate in his favor.
A key Romney "misstep" was dismissing 47 percent of Americans as government-dependent "victims" in a closed-door fundraiser he held for wealthy donors that was caught on tape.
Ryan told "Fox News Sunday" that the comment was "an inarticulate way of describing" how Republicans are trying "to create prosperity and upward mobility, and reduce dependency by getting people off welfare back to work."

How many times have we heard that Romney was misspoken, or that he would not have expressed himself just the way that Rush did, or that his words were badly chosen or were not elegant? It seems to me that in the May tape Romney's words were very well chosen and he was perfectly articulate. Listen to the way he emphasizes ENTITLED. No, the problem is not that Romney is inarticulate. The problem is that when he says what he really thinks the result is so appalling that he and Ryan and the rest of his supporters have to backtrack. What he believes CANNOT be allowed to go uncorrected by himself, Ryan, and the staff.

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