Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Richard Brodhead and Getting-Away-With-Lies

See the previous post on fact-checking going viral.

Richard Brodhead in 2002 lied about me in his New York TIMES review of the second volume of my biography. According to him, I alone in my "black hole" surmised the existence of a book Melville finished in 1860, POEMS. In fact, everyone had known almost all there is to know about that lost book since 1922.  Brodhead savaged my reputation for accuracy by coyly talking about my "surmises" which were not, in that instance, surmises but facts. (When I made surmises, I was clear about what I was doing.) Brodhead could not get away with such lies today.

Is it any surprise that he is being sued now for obstruction of justice and (in another suit) for constructive fraud?

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