Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Dear Cousin Jane Austen: Fun with Roglo

Jane Austen is a 6th cousin of an ancestor of the 7th generation of Lloyd O Parker.
  • Indeed,
    • Thomas Leigh (1 relationship link: click here).
    • Alice Barker (1 relationship link: click here).
    are at the same time
    • ancestors of the 14th generation of Lloyd O Parker
    • ancestors of the 7th generation of Jane Austen
Total: 2 relationship links

In 1959 at the Christmas break I read all of Jane Austen in the Modern Library Giant. I was the only one in the incoming class at Northwestern who understood MANSFIELD PARK. I knew about theatricals from having enacted Michael Cassio on the stage! These things are genetic, surely. What fun with Roglo!

Sorry, Kevin. Second cousin once removed on the Costner side does not hack it anymore.

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