Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cokers massacred at Mountain Meadows in 1857-Cousins of Mine

Coker, Edward, 27. He tried farming in Texas before joining the emigration to California. 
Coker, Charity Porter, 37. The Cokers were reported to have two children traveling with them.

These people are not in all lists. They are remembered by Porters, the wife's family.
I had no idea till this morning when I began checking Google for family names of most of the slaughtered Arkansawers. But if the emigrant train was from what is now Boone County, what could you expect but to find some actual Cokers as well as Coker grandchildren with different surnames, there among the massacred. So I started looking. "Put out your hand," I always told my students.

Another episode for ORNERY PEOPLE, with a quick look at how phony historiography has kept (or tried to keep) the story suppressed for a century and a half.

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