Thursday, January 10, 2013

Philip H in ArchivesNext--Suggesting MELVILLE BIOGRAPHY for a discussion group

Philip H says:
A new book from the historian/researcher memoir category is Melville Biography: An Inside Narrative by Hershel Parker. This history of writing biographies sounds fascinating:

Now, this makes it look as if the reception of MELVILLE BIOGRAPHY: AN INSIDE NARRATIVE might be fun. It was a very good sign that the NEW YORKER blog listed it as a book to watch for in January and ended with this heartwarming sentence: "Parker writes with a rare combination of humor and passion that hooks the reader into this potentially arcane subject." Only someone who has been lied about repeatedly, as in the accusation that I invented the book Melville completed in 1860, POEMS (something everyone had known about since 1922)--only someone whose two-volume biography had been comprehensively and repeatedly lied about can understand my hope for a better reception now that print reviewing is dying and real readers, reviewers, and critics are coming up on the Internet.

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