Thursday, January 3, 2013

NU Press is Happy about New Yorker blog on MELVILLE BIOGRAPHY

 Well, change "won two Pulitzers" to "deserved two Pulitzers." The first volume was runner up in Biography to the fictional ANGELA'S ASHES, but it got me on the Pulitzer site. Each volume won the top prize from the Association of American Publishers!

“Melville Biography: An Inside Narrative” (Northwestern University Press), by Hershel Parker, out January 15th. “When I started to work on Melville,” writes Parker, who won two Pulitzers for his landmark biography of the author, “I assumed most of the work had been done.” But he quickly found the existing scholarship to be full of holes and half-answered questions. In his new book, Parker recalls the years he spent delving into archives to piece together the life and literature of his subject. This wide-ranging new book is a recollection of Parker’s own intellectual project, woven together with a history of Melville scholarship and reflections on the state of literary criticism and the nature of the biographer’s project. Parker writes with a rare combination of humor and passion that hooks the reader into this potentially arcane subject.

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