Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Thwart the GOP Scheme to Seize the Blue Swing States

There is a simple way to prevent GOP Governors and state legislatures (which have already gerrymandered the states) from deciding that electoral votes will be determined by districts, so that even though there are more Democratic votes the Republicans will always win.

Simple. Encourage thousands of eager inner-city citizens to move into the gerrymandered districts which are most nearly balanced between the parties.

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  1. Hershel Parker • 2 minutes ago

    So the GOP (which has already gerrymandered so that they have more House seats although fewer votes than Democrats) has a new plan in which swing states will be sure to go Republican. The Republicans have not yet heard that thousands of inner city Democrats are already plotting to move into those gerrymandered districts which have only a small GOP majority. The inner city will of course stay Democratic, but little gerrymandered districts all over the swing states will go Democratic. What a sneaky plan! Those inner city Democrats! Will they REALLY like rural Michigan and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Wisconsin?