Sunday, June 10, 2018

Them what tries to rescue a distressed marine mammal . . . . Don't hold your breath, watcher.

So this poor fellow was breathing but not healthy and a kind woman had called the marine mammal rescue center an hour and a half earlier. When someone called me to say she was still out of the elevator and had not heard back from the elevator company I got her to call the Marine Mammal Rescue team and she called back saying they were on the way.

So I got to the parking lot half a mile and more from the place the otter was suffering.
The team was unloading the pickup.
They had the great cage on the tarmac. No, no, said I in my authoritative voice. Drive down to the end of the Cloisters despite the danger of driving into an area what went 97% for T---p, then park near a Beach Access or Boardwalk sign and go in there, to the end of the boardwalk, and directly down to the beach, where the saintly good citizen is still waiting. 

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