Wednesday, June 27, 2018

3 months of Being Pent up in Lath and Plaster on the Library of America HERMAN MELVILLE: COMPLETE POEMS

Now to stand at my lectern on an 8' leaf and check book, canto, and line numbers for several hundred notes on CLAREL, and do other checking.

Well, it looks as if I survived and in a few weeks may get back to pleasure reading. I want to go through all the Shakespeare plays again as I did a few years ago, but now I have to get the power to watch the English range of DVD, for there is a well-reviewed Measure for Measure at the new Globe. The director of the only DVD previously available did not understand the play at all.

There is a lot to do on the Complete Poems volume, but I whiff freedom.

I want to work on ORNERY PEOPLE again. I just saw a day or two ago that the Revolutionary Lipe / Leib brothers are Rudisill cousins, with stories.

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